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Turkish student, Kann Ugur, came to study English in Dublin last August. He is an engineer from Izmir. Last week we sat down with him at the end of classes to find out more about his time in Ireland.

Oscars International English School Dublin _ turkish student Kann Ugur

Why did you decide to come to Dublin to study English?

I had three options. U.S.A. , England or Ireland. Turkish people are really friendly and Irish people are really friendly so it’s the most important thing for me when I chose Dublin. So I came here last August and I will finish next July.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in Smithfield in Dublin 7. It’s close to the centre and close to the school. I like it here. I like the Irish pub culture. If I am free I go to the pub and drink beer with Irish people and with other students. It’s really nice. The weather is sometimes not good. It’s a little bit of a problem but it’s not too cold.


Irish Coffee Night at Oscars International Dublin

Do you work in Dublin?

Yes I work here in Temple Bar. I work as a waiter in the Temple Bar itself.

What do you think of Oscars International?

I enjoy Oscars. You have good events for students. I really enjoyed the Irish coffee nights that you put on. It was really nice, the best event. The teachers are really nice, especially Threse and Ewan. When I arrived here, two months ago, I was at a Pre-Intermediate level and now I am Upper-Intermediate.

The classes have a good mix of personalities. There is a mix of nationalities too. There are Turkish, Belgians, Mexicans, Brazilians and a South Korean.

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