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October 4, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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Oscars International Dublin

Happy Friday Folks! Every Friday at English School in Dublin we like to send our graduating students off with a bang. They have contributed so much to our school to make it the best English School in Dublin and we like to thank them just a little by making a little a fuss.  Those who finish their courses are invited to  capture that moment in their lives when one chapter ends and another begins.

When they finish with us, some go home, others stay in Dublin or travel around Europe, while others are happy to stay on and renew with us. For the most part they take with them good memories of the friendships they have made, the experiences they have had and the English they have learnt.

Here are a selection of photos from this week. Best of luck to everyone who finished with us today. We also had a great turnout for today’s quiz in the student room. Thanks to everyone who turned up!

Friday Fun at Oscars Dublin – Happy Friday Folks!


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