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Claudia near her home in Beaumont

Claudia near her home in Beaumont

Claudia Rada from Bolivia arrived in Dublin over one year ago. We caught up with her after class and found out why she is renewing with
Oscars International and how she feels about our Study & Travel Programme.

Hi Claudia. How long have you been a student at Oscars International?

I bought an English course in my country but I didn’t like the school that I went to. After a month I wanted to move. At the time I was working in The Trinity Bar and I always saw a lot of students here. I asked a friend who has been here longer about Oscars and it had a good reputation so I came in here and the reception was very good. At the time my English was not so good and they took their time to answer my questions.

Was it a good decision?

They made me feel at home. They always ask me ‘Claudia, are you ok?”. I had a good teacher; Marcela. It’s in the city centre. The classes are comfortable and the different nationalities is good. Lots of other schools have only Brazilians and they are only speaking Portuguese and it’s not really good for my English.

Are you working?

Now I’m working for two agencies that do different events. They do events in Dublin. It’s really great and it’s a great experience for students. One day I’m working in Leopardstown [a horse racing course] another day at The Shelbourne Hotel. The shifts are good, they pay good money and you have contact with other people all the time – French people, Polish people, Russians – you can always practise English

Claudia centre in red top) with her Oscars International classmates

Claudia (centre in red top) with her Oscars International classmates

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in Dublin 9. Beaumont. It’s around thirty minutes from O’Connell St. I’m very fortunate because I live with an Irish lady and her son and I pay a really good price. I have a room and my own bathroom and my own wardrobe and I pay €350 per month. It’s very good. But the lady doesn’t want lots of money she wants people in her house. It’s very nice.

How long will you stay?

I decided last month to renew my visa and to stay at Oscars because I really enjoy the school and I improve my English. I will finish in July.

Do you like Dublin?

The people are friendly. I would recommend this experience. It’s a small country but your heart is big. It’s possible to talk with people on the street. People are polite and will help you. It’s good for other cultures. It’s a happy place.